Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogstyle Iron Chef Challenge!

Welcome to the guest blog of Blogstyle Iron Chef
Now, first things first.  If you are new to Iron Chef, take a moment, click here and see what the contest is all about.

Welcome back, to those who are not new and to those who left to find out about the hullabaloo!

This month I am so excited to shake things up over at Sacred and Profane, the home of Blogstyle Iron Chef.  After winning a Blogstyle Iron Chef with my Slow Cooker Roast recipe, being a guest judge and attempting Sous Chef to my 3yr old daughters winning recipe in the kid challenge I figure it is time to get on the flip side of it.  Yup, Heidi is lettin' me wear the awesome title of Co-host!  Go me. Go me. It's my birthday. {um, no it isn't, but feel free to send gifts anyway}.  Woo hoo!

Here's how it works, in general terms: 
  • Heidi and I are revealing the secret ingredient today.
  • You post a recipe or find one you've already posted that incorporates the secret ingredient.
  • Leave a comment at Sacred and Profane by next Tuesday with the link to your entry and Heidi will add it to her post.
  • Next Wednesday we'll use to pick 3 contestants for the month and we will announce those contestants. 
Heidi will have a poll in her sidebar for voting as well as voting from guest judges, be sure to steer people to her blog.

The winner will be announced on the last Wednesday of October and prizes will be awarded!

What does it take to be a guest judge you wonder?  Oh, my friend, wonder no more!  A guest judge simply agrees to try all three dishes and let one of us know via email which was your favorite. It is super fun to post your thoughts on your blog, but not a requirement.  If this sounds like your calling, contact Heidi here.  No, go ahead, she doesn't bite, and while you are there look around her blog - it is hi-lar-i-ous.

On to the, wait..not quite about if we reveal the secret ingredient, first?

{Cue menacing music...}
The Chairman has entered the building! 

Chairman Schweri, we must know,what is our ingredient for October???

Dill, sweet, bread and butter, homemade, candied, baby, half sour, fermented, german - it doesn't matter! You pick the pickle!

Let me be clear - you don't have to make a pickle. Thank goodness, that would take forever

We are looking for you to post a recipe that FEATURES pickles as one of the main ingredients. Things like Pickled Meat Loaf or
Pickled Tortilla Roll-Ups or perhaps you make a killer Fried Pickle? Let's have 'em! Post your Pickle recipes!!

The winner of this competition will win a $10 Gift Card to Target, Walmart or Smith's courtesy of Heidi, as well as this LOVELY prize, compliments of Michelle, the Tupper Queen!

How did I come up with such a fitting prize? All of the pickles I hauled out for the Chairman's picture would not go back in to their respective jars, so I called to duty my trusty 'ol Tupperware Pick-a-Deli, and I just knew the winner must have one too!

So, there ya have it. The contest, the ingredient and the prizes. What are you waiting for?

"Allez! Cuisinez!"


  1. Well now, that's one hot team: Michelle, Shelby, and Heidi. (Oh, too!) Who could resist joining the challenge?? Well, other than me who doesn't allow pickles in the house as I've gagged on the smell one to many times on my daily Heinz drive bys...

  2. I love your pickle picture! Too funny!

    I'm not a pickle person, but it will be fun to read the recipes.