Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Weekend!

What a busy weekend around these parts.
It all started with a lazy Friday afternoon nap, just a sweet little girl and a purring kitty.

Saturday we picked up Cub Scout Popcorn, yes ma'am- it is that time again.  This year I decided the boys needed to do a little leg work to earn their prizes and, primarily, to help us avoid hitting up family and friends, again

Now, I'm not saying we won't eventually hit up family and friends, but for now we are attempting to extort the people down the street and see what we get.

After each sale Topher ran to the van to give me the low down.  For each sale he ran down the driveway yelling how much money the person had spent, if they didn't make a sale he walked with his head down and gave me the 'ol thumbs down gesture.  Despite the obvious, he still came back to the van to report...

What's that you ask?  Why am I in the van while the boys and Patrick are walking?  Because I am the SMART one... it was cold out.  Further proof that Mothers are the dominet species. 

That's right boy, just keep on walkin'!

Sunday morning we made our way to the church of my childhood friend Andrea, to see this adorable little angel get dedicated.  Riley is the perfect replica of Topher as a baby - all rolls and adorable baby chub.

Later on Sunday we went back to our church,
{I think we should get extra credit for going to church 3 times in one weekend, don't you?},

so a special young man could have the best birthday present ever blessed at our Blessing of the Animals service.  I won't mention that this puddy-tat made a run for it in to the woods when he saw all of the dogs waiting to be blessed {well, okay, I would since I just did... but you know what I meant, right?}.  Thankfully my children have the most patient Father in the WORLD and he did not stop looking for that crazy animal until he was found and brought back among the drooling canines. 

Yup, a pretty special weekend

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