Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Fun Has Just Begun

Halloween, it is nearly here!

We started our weekend with a classic: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  The kids snuggled up in their bean bags and favorite blankets to enjoy this all time favorite Halloween tradition. 

We capped off the weekend with a little pumpkin carving, which wouldn't be the same if it didn't include large knives wielded by small children, of course. 

Lilly was having a little trouble, at first, with the "guts" getting all over her arm but soon she learned to embrace the yuck.

Nathan went for the traditional free-hand pumpkin.  He did his cleaning and carving without any help from Mom or Dad, a first in our house.  He is getting so grown up, sniff, sniff.

Lil' dug through the princess pattern book and decided on the absolutely most difficult pattern in there, and then asked me to carve it for her. 

I poked all of the holes and even made it through the first few pieces before I threw in the tiny little pink carving knife.  This is SO not my thing!  Thankfully, this is her Dad's "thing" and he swooped in to rescue the pumpkin from the brink of disaster. 

You wouldn't even know I touched it, would ya?

Topher's new obsession is Sonic the Hedgehog, sorry Thomas the Tank Engine - you've been kicked to the curb it seems. 

We did not have a pattern for Sonic, but does that stop Topher from asking?  Heavens, no!  Does that stop his Pumpkin Carving Master of a father from figuring out a way to do it?  I should think not.

Patrick found a picture of Sonic on the internet, moved it in to Word, resized it to fit the pumpkin and then made a makeshift pattern. 

I am truly impressed as, I am sure, are all of the critters outside who happen upon our front porch tonight at the lit glory of these fine Jack 'o Lanterns. {we live too far from the road for anyone to see them, so the show is for the deer and squirrels} 

Halloween is nearly here, are you ready? 


  1. How fun! It looks like the pumpkin carving was a blast. That Sonic looks amazing, I can't believe he didn't have a pattern! Happy Halloween Week!

  2. They turned out really great. The kids did pumpkins this weekend too. I'll have to take pictures. We have a "kitty" coming out of a pumpkin and lightning mcqueen. fun!

  3. The pumpkins turned out wonderful! We are planning on carving E's tonight...but they will not be the creative works of art that yours are!