Friday, October 30, 2009

The Story of a Switch

The Story of a Switch

The reverse of a witch.

Author & Illustrator Nathan p Schweri

One day a beautiful woman was driving to her work. Her name was Allison. She worked at Rite Aid. When she got there she saw a sign. It said Switch The Drink That Will Change Your Life!!. She stared at it for a very long time. Then she went inside. When she got inside her jaw hung open. There were twenty shelves full of switch!!!! Now Allison didn’t feel like working any more. She went to the aisle and picked a bottle of switch. Then she went to the check out.

When she got to her car she heard a voice whispering in her ear. “Don’t drink it!” The voice said.
“Why not?” asked Allison.
“You do not know what that stuff will do to you”!! The voice said.
“I do to! It’ll change my life! And I have a depressing life! So this will help ME!!!!” Allison yelled.
The voice didn’t answer. So Allison drove home angry .When she got home she drank the whole thing in two huge gulps. It tasted like burnt hamburger and raw eggs in porridge. Allison thought it tasted pretty good.

Then all of the sudden her bones started to ache, her face felt like it was on fire. Allison looked at her hands. They were growing, her nails were getting bigger. She found a mirror and looked in to it. Her nose was longer, it had two warts on it, her teeth were a yellow color, she had a black hat on and a pitch black robe. That liquid that she drank turned her into a witch!!!

Ok, now she knew that she should have listened to that voice that was talking in her ear.

Maybe she could do stuff that a witch could do. She tried flying on a broom, but she couldn’t fly the right way. She tried poisoning an apple, but she could only make it sweeter. She turned her cat black but, it turned inside out, too. She tried making potions with her blender.

Then she saw a blinding light right in front of her. Then she heard a loud

She was amazed. Right in front of her she saw a pan with carved letters: A SWITCHES CAULDREN, it read. Now Allison new why that drink was called switch. Because a switch is basically a witch, it’s just a switch does all the opposites. All she ended up making was a stupid over easy egg. So she tossed the pan and sat on her couch.

She felt like she forgot something. “Oh! I have to go to work!” she said. So she got on a broom that she found in her cupboard and flew to work.

She flew the wrong way again. When she got there she saw a sign that said Oso Good changes you back into a human. Allison stared at it for a very long time, and then went inside. When she got inside her jaw hung open. There were twenty shelves full of Oso Good! She drank one with out buying it. She looked in a mirror and saw that she was back to her normal Allison self!


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  1. *clap clap clap* BRAVO!!!! That was a fantastic story!