Monday, October 26, 2009

From Chaos to Cleanliness

Look at this ~

It is certainly fair to say it needs a little help.  It is not inviting and does not say "read me" to my kids.

Now, check this out ~

Much better, no? 

This awesome little shelf is from and is absolutely affordable for even the tightest budget, much to my delight.

When I substitute teach in the boys elementary school I see that many of the teachers use these types of bookshelves for theme and holiday related books. 

Each of my three kids love to read but often have no idea that I have books for special occasions, such as Halloween. 

Replacing the beat up old bookshelf, it's contents spilling over with inefficiency, with this darling and extremely organized piece would be a dream come true.

CSN contacted me about reviewing one of their fabulous products and I nearly fell down with excitement - this is a first for me and couldn't have more appropriate timing.  

Do you have a moment to oh and ah over adorable baby items?  You know you want to...

If Lilly had this incredible nursery furniture when she was born, rather than her brothers blue and green hand-me-downs, I might just have a fun little girl who doesn't make scenes at Princess Tea Parties.

Are you familiar with my stroller related woe's?   Well, with this Jeep Liberty Limited Lightweight stroller from, I know I would proudly walk down the street and not give a darn in the world who was staring at me, while I push an empty stroller on my way to get Lilly from preschool. 

The best part?  When some unsuspecting person asks me about my ride I could honestly say, "I have a Jeep."  What?  It would be the truth. :)

I can't wait to show you just how incredible my bookshelf transformation will be, stay tuned!