Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If You Give a Girl Rain Boots

On a cold and drizzly October day in Michigan,
if you give a girl chocolate and pink polka-dot rain boots,
she will ask for a pink rain coat and a matching pink hat.

If you give her the pink rain coat and a matching pink hat,

 she will ask for a matching pink umbrella.

If you give her a matching pink umbrella,

she will probably do a dance.

When she is finished, she will ask you why you are standing in the rain, getting all wet.

She will ask to see her picture, to be sure she is as darling as she thinks in her pink rain accessories.

When she looks in the LCD display, she will notice the camera is getting wet.  With a look like you have lost your mind, she will probably ask you to, please, go inside.

On her way inside she may get carried away and make a mad run from the cold rain drops, leaving you behind to wrestle the pink umbrella closed.

She may even end up leaving a wet rain-boot print behind,

which will remind her to admire her chocolate and pink polka-dot rainboots.

And chances are, if she asks for her rain boots, she is going to want her pink rain coat and pink umbrella, to go outside and splash in the puddles.


  1. Very cute Shelby! I just finished reading the book If You Take a Mouse to School with my students to help teach cause & effect.

  2. Too funny!

    E had fun splashing in her boots today too...however she didn't have the fun matching umbrella! (Nor the cute pics!)

  3. So cute! Love the story too :)