Friday, October 9, 2009

Purple Paint-a-thon!

Off to Hobby Lobby we went, simply intending to buy inexpensive felt for a few Halloween costumes.
Out we walked with a Halloween sign and a container of purple paint, and only purple paint. 

An artist of her own making Lilly felt the Halloween plaque was suited with just a coat on the front and the bit that dripped off of the letters on to the base.  Thankfully she let me talk her in to a bit of glitter to jazz it up.  Gorgeous, no?

Would you believe that the Halloween sign did NOT take the entire bottle of purple paint... so Lilly went in search of other things to paint. 

She happened upon the little wooden Halloween characters I found for all three kids to decorate with markers - and threw a fit until I gave in and allowed them all to be hers.  Sure, I know what I should have done, but I am not in a fightin' mood today... so it happened and she got her way.  So sue me - the boys will be none the wiser.  Well, 'till school gets out anyway. 

Not only did Lilly paint all 6 of the little things that used to have faces and lines to color between but she used a new paint brush for each one... notice the over abundance of brushes on the newspaper.  *sigh* that girl - it is never the easy way.

Hey, at least I was able to use up some glitter - check out that bling!

So concludes my randon post, Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. HA! Purple is a color that must be used with abandon. One must paint everything one can get their hands on and do it quickly. Purple = joy.