Friday, October 16, 2009

Field Trip Fun

What do you get when you take over a hundred 2nd graders to a farm for a fun field trip during the coldest October in a millennium?  Why, you get frozen 2nd graders walking around a farm for hours in various states of undress, of course.  I wish I were kidding about that - look at the picture below and note the amount of children either without hats, coats, gloves or combinations there of... 

Hello parents - at least two notes came home so you would know to:
1. dress in layers, i.e. put a coat, hat and mittens on your child - a lined sweat shirt with a hood and that stupid thumb hole is NOT the same thing...
2. wear boots or old shoes, i.e. do not allow your cute little 2nd grader to wear her favorite sparkly flats and no socks when she will be hauling tail through a corn maze, muddy pumpkin patch and pokey hay ride.
3. bring 50 cents to purchase a small pumpkin, i.e. don't expect the teacher to foot the bill for your child, 50 cents isn't a big deal for one kid but when you start creeping towards the double digits in 7 yr old forgetfulness it gets pricey.

Don't let my sarcasm fool you, we did have a nice time despite the freezing temps.  I scored myself a "buffalo chip" to take home too.  Oh stop - it was caramel with chocolate and pecans on top.  Although I did spend many minutes trying to explain to the young men in my group why that was funny.  *sigh*

Topher and his best bud from school, Aiden, enjoyed all of the neat stations at the farm.  We went on a bumpy hay ride and saw a neat collection of animals,

we were all able to pick a few apples right from the tree in the orchard,

the class watched apples being ground up and pressed in to cider,

and for a grand treat the kids ate freshly made donuts and cider, yum!  Topher and Aiden sold me on the goodness that is a cake donut dipped in apple cider, those boys are on to something.

What would a field trip be without a couple of fun if not super silly boys?

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  1. How fun! It's been pretty cold here too. What is with those silly parents not preparing their kids for the weather?