Friday, April 17, 2009


Katie at A Listmaker's Life, Jen at Our Nifty Notebook and Sarah at I Blame My Mother all tagged me this week to play 8 is Enough. Sarah and Heidi at Sacred and Profane also tagged me in Keeping it Real. So here it goes:

Keeping It Real
Here are the rules:

~Take a picture of yourself right now

~No primping or preening, just snap the picture

~Load the picture on to your blog

~Tag some people to play

Holla - it's the momma who only wears the same two sweatshirts every day of the week... and yes this is what I looked like to take the boys to school. **sigh**

8 is Enough
8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1. Tulip Time, my Dutch Costume and dancing after a year off
2. Going to the beach after a LONG winter
3. My brothers wedding in May
4. Going to my good friend Meggan's wedding in November
5. My Step mom, sisters and future sis-in-law coming for a visit tomorrow
6. Summer break
7. Packing away all the sweaters, boots, snow pants, gloves, hats and SOCKS!
8. Flip Flops

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Walked the boys to school
2. Rode my bike and took Lilly to the park to play for the first time this year
3. Used a porta-potty at the park, yucko!
4. Made muffins with sweet Lilly
5. Hacked the top off a monster bush that was blocking the entire bottom of my picture window (now it needs a really good washing cuz the grime is more visible now...)
6. Taught Lilly how to drive the Power Wheels Hummer on her own - no brothers needed this year!
7. Jumped rope and drank Slim Fast as part of my 4 week "Slim Fast and Jump Rope" diet so my Dutch Costume and Bridesmaid dress don't rip when I wear them (I am NOT joking, sadly)
8. Put away Easter decorations

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Sew
2. Move back to Holland
3. Have my own car
4. Have an endless supply of money - on a tree would be nice
5. See my friends more often
6. Garden - one of these days I'll give it a try
7. See my Nana one more time
8. Take the kids on a summer long road trip to all of the awesome places and people I want to visit in the country!

8 Shows I Watch
1. Random cartoons on PBS, depending on the kind of morning we are having
2. Dora on DVD
3. Various shows on Food Network - back when we had cable & boy do I really miss them
4. House, if Patrick has it on
5. Family Guy, if Patrick has it on
6. I really don't watch TV... just what ever is on if someone else is watching it...
7. I'd rather be blogging - hee, hee
8. or playing outside, or baking or planning a party...

Now I am supposed to tag 8 people to play along - but I am not sure I know that many, which is why I have avoided playing with tags before. :)

I tag (for both Keeping It Real and 8 Is Enough):
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2. Chris at Chris and Jut's Musings
3. Tina at A Mary Kay Consultant & Wife of a Seminary Student
4. Kim at Life of a Modern Mom
5. Erica at Tales of a Thirty-something Nothing
6. Alex at The Life and Times of a Seminarian
7. Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings (she has done it already but I am running out of people)
8. Jenn at Ponytails, Wooded Trails & Camouflage


  1. LOL! You are sure popular! Thanks for playing. Sorry you had to use a port-a-potty. Those are so nasty.

  2. I wish you could move back to Holland too!!

  3. Fun tags!! I'm definitely going to do them, just might not get to them until Monday!

    My Easter stuff is still sitting on the table behind me. I took it all down about 3 days ago, just haven't gotten around to putting it away!

  4. My tag is up! It was lots of fun, thanks!

  5. Look how cute you are!!!

    Thanks for playin'! :-)