Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cake Auction Fun

Yesterday we experienced a Cub Scout Cake Bake. Each scout brought a cake in the theme of their "favorite" for the fundraiser auction. Both boys decided their favorite would be a Webkinz theme.

Originally we stopped at the store and bought two little Webkinz key chains to include with the cakes. Thankfully both boys decided to use Webkinz figures they already owned in exchange for keeping the new key chains. I was very thankful because the key chains where small fuzzy stuffed animals that I could not imagine how to incorporate on an ooey gooey frosted cake. The drawback is that Nathan had a very hard time parting with his Googles figure but also did not want to give up the fun new key chain. Eventually he decided to put the Googles on the cake after we had a talk about how important it is to give for a good cause and that he may not win his own cake.

Drama came at auction time when Nathan bid and won the first cake offered up. He then realized that he won the cake being shown and not his choice of all the cakes... this brought tears to his eyes because now he was sure he would not win his own cake back. We allowed each boy $15 to bid towards their favorite cake and since Nathan won the now unwanted cake for a mere $7 I reminded him that he had $8 to bid still.

In the meantime Topher held out for his own cake and won it for $13. We decided Nathan could have the remaining $2 from Topher's funds, thus giving him $10 to bid with. A few cakes later Nathan's was offered up and won by a different scout {Topher's best bud} for $10. More tears came after that!

As much as it broke our hearts as parents we feel this was a good lesson for Nathan on so many levels. He needed to understand the consequence for not listening closely to the auction procedures. Also about putting his figure on the cake simply because he thought he would win it back and not because he wanted to donate something of personal value for a good cause.

Eventually he did stop crying and listened to a similar life story from Patrick's childhood days that seemed to help him understand. The next morning he did not mention it and seems to have come to terms with his decision and the outcome of it. I wish someone had told me how tough this side of parenting is!

At least making the cakes with the boys and decorating them to their specifications was a fun parenting experience. So fun!

Topher's cake

Nathan's cake


  1. I really think you should start a business of making & selling cakes and cookies!!!!

  2. Awww...life lessons are TOUGH, man!!

    You are so darned creative with your cakes and cookies - my goodness!

  3. Oh, Shelby what a hard lesson to learn for your kiddo...but such a good one! The cakes turned out amazing!! I'm glad this was something you could do together.

    Pop on by my blog when you get the chance...I left a "tag" for you...if you want to play along! ;)

  4. Iron Chef winner was announced. Thanks for playing this month!

  5. Your cakes were adorable! You are so good at decorating. I'd love to see the bummer that Nathan did win. I am sure it was nothing like the one that slipped through his fingers...

  6. You need to go into the cake decorating business girlfriend. Nice job!

  7. You can right click on the buttons and save them to your HD. Then you can post them as usual. Or, if you drop me an email I will send them to you that way. Whichever is easiest for you! Shoot, I haven't checked my google mail today so if you've already emailed me there I will just send them over, ok? Ok. I'm done talking to myself now. ;-)

  8. Wow...great job! Love the colors!!