Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh no, you didn't

I have not just spent the last 3 hours on my tush in front of the computer checking other blog's, facebook and email. I have not allowed my darling 3 year old daughter to watch morning cartoons, an Elmo DVD and now a Tom & Jerry DVD while I do said sitting. I also most certainly did not just eat half of a bunny's head to top off my uber healthy leftover pizza lunch - with hot sauce of course {on the pizza, not the bunny}.

I do not have 9 rings remaining on my chain from the challenge I posted for myself 40 days ago when Lent started! I did not hand my husband a large JCPenny's bag and insist that he fill it with unused or unwanted clothes before I returned from taking the kids to a movie just so I could take 4 more rings off of the chain. I am not going to haul out the summer clothes to find 9 more bags of clothes to give away/throw away to accomplish this challenge even though the temps have yet to hit much over 50 degrees. I am not going to think of how tired my friends with smaller children must be of me purging my children's too-small stuff and passing it along {uh, gee thanks for another bag...}

I have not been sick for the past week and allowed my house to succumb to piles of laundry, quickie dinners and unrealized Spring Break ambitions. I did not do a mad stash-n-dash on Sunday when I thought my brother might be stopping by, *sigh* which he didn't.
I am also not considering allowing afore mentioned 3 year old skip her nap because, seriously, how does one get tired enough for a nap when all she has done is watch TV for hours on end? I also am not keeping a shred of hope for a nap just so I can lay down with her and rest... from this tiring job of web surfing. Uh, ya - Not Me!

Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival hosted by McMamma at My Charming Kids. Her son, Stellan, is very ill and so she is not posting a Not Me! but would love support of her precious son.

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  1. Shelby, we all get a little carried away in blog land don't we...I'm sure you're not alone! ;) I've been known to put on an extra Clifford just for a few more minutes to finish what I was doing.

    Love the bunny cake!

    Oh, and your goodies are in the mail!!