Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans

It is not easy for me to get in my photos, I am just not nearly as interesting to me as the adventurous Schweri Children 3. So sad... but it explains my crazy photo today. I tried to get Lilly to sit with me for a picture and this is what ensued~

She loves me, she loves me not... she has no choice I suppose - I can still pick her up and make her sit with me. hee, hee

Jump in right where you are and join the 52 Week Challenge at Forever in Blue Jeans. You will be SO glad you did!


  1. But what a cute picture you got! NOT easy for me to get in the pictures either, but I'm always glad later!

  2. I've seen this a couple of times...what a great idea! I know I'm not nearly in as many pictures as my husband is!

  3. i guess it doesn't matter how creative we are--just that we are in the picture.

  4. I love the shirt you are wearing. I think I have a fave picture of you in that shirt?? And look at Lilly's beautiful blue eyes!

  5. Way too cute! More often than not, this is what my self-taken photos look like, too. :)