Friday, June 26, 2009

What to blog about?

Good evening (or morning if you've already made your rounds) and welcome to the post that is about nothing in particular but exciting just the same. Huh? Well, anyway... here is what I have to show for today:

I FINALLY cleaned my scrapbook/craft area! We are talking about years of *stuff* that has been moved from house to house and never organized. During Lent I threw away a ton of old birthday cards, school memento's that meant something at the time but years later draw a blank and other odds and ends I thought I might use. The result was a lot less to organize and slowly I have been adding appropriate shelves and drawers and the end result is this glorious area. I even finished scrapping Christmas 2007 and started Christmas 2008!!!! (yes, that is a cat on my scrap table... he can hardly believe it either, he thought all of that junk was holding itself up this whole time)

The other exciting event today, other than the awesome lack of humidity, is the discovery of an ice cream truck in our neighborhood! Okay, I admit that the kids are far more excited than me and as the summer wears on so will my patience and lack of money... but hey, for today, it was fun. I am certain the ants are loving all of the pink melty spots left by Lilly and her Pink Panther concoction. EEEWWW!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Your scrapbook room looks great!!! Yea for being organized!!!!

  2. That turned out great!

    Yum, the ice cream looks yummy!

  3. Those ice cream bars bring back memories....

  4. I hope you are getting a lot of scrapping done in that organized area. Good for you!

  5. Your scrap area looks great, wish I could find the motivation, I'm still on July of 2006