Thursday, June 11, 2009

12 of 52

School ended this past Friday and so far we have stayed pretty busy, avoiding the "I'm bored" syndrome.
The last day was sad for the mommas, especially my friend {and previous PTO president} Sherry (green shirt) whose youngest "graduated" from 4th grade and will move to the Intermediate school for 5th and 6th next year. My other awesome PTO Mom friend Andi {and next years president} and I are sad because Sherry will not be around next year to help with all the fun and super busy PTO activities.

I have been very absent in my blogging lately and since I find that highly annoying when I regularly check other blogs {if it goes a more than 3 days anyway...} I want to apologize for falling in to my own hypocritical slump. Sunday thru Tuesday I just couldn't think of what to blog and spent much needed time attending to my house and *not* waking up to my alarm clock. hee, hee Wednesday I made the 2 hour trek to Alma to drop my oldest off at my parents house for his 2 week trip of a lifetime.

Last night was tough for us all. I brought home one of my Dad's dogs to help out while they are gone, so that alone was an adjustment for us, Wesley (the handsome dog below) and Nathan's cat. At bedtime it really came out how much the other kids missed their brother because they refused to go to sleep in their own beds. As we battled that never-ending battle the handsome young Wesley began to bark and bark and bark and... well you get the idea - it was driving us crazy. By the end of the night and many bed switching episodes later Patrick decided to just stay awake until the kids were asleep and he could move them. Wesley, however, had the privilege of sleeping in the bed all night long and still claims it as his own this morning. I think he is smirking at me in this photo...

So the moral of the story is this - I will do my darndest this summer to keep up on my blogging though if the sun does ever decide to shine long enough to warm this frozen tundra we live in it might be tough. Thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. Great photo of you and your PTO friends! Cute pic of the kiddos!

  2. Cute kiddo's and great picture of you and your friends!

  3. Those are great pictures. You are so involved in PTO and that is fantastic. I am sad to say the new town we just moved to does NOT have a PTO. Can you believe it? Great pictures!

  4. Love the pictures!! Yea schools out!
    I know what you mean I have been absent a lot but summer is just so busy!

  5. LOL @ the dog!! He's cute!!

    I think blogging has been slow for alot of people! I think right now so many are busy w/ the end of school year activities as well!

  6. We had a rough week too, we all took turns being sick for 3 days in a row so I was a slow blogger too and that's unlike me. I really love the bottom picture with all 3 kids, very creative way to get them all in one shot!

  7. I think we're all trying to get some blogging time in! So, no worries! It's summer. A chance to let go of some normal routine stuff, right?

    Great picture of you and your PTO friends, as well as the kids. Hope you enjoy staying busy and that the rest of the siblings can sleep a little better without their big bro. How sweet!

  8. Good photo of you and the other PTO moms. That's hard when one moves on leaving a big miss in your team. Your tough night was fun to read about, even though I'm sure it wasn't fun to endure. Love the smirk... they know what they're doing, don't they??

  9. Dude. Everyone knows that when you live in the greta white north, the sun shining is adequate excuse to get out of most everything. It was 80 degrees here yesterday! After snowing last weekend, we would've been happy with high 60's.