Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catch Up

Where has the time gone? It is already Wednesday and if I see correctly my last post was Saturday... it may not be summer weather but we are definitely summer busy.

There is one little lady who isn't minding the rain showers one bit~

this past weekend we had fun with Grandma Schweri~

played a friendly game of 4-square for hours and hours~

celebrated a special niece's graduation and enjoyed some outside fun with oversized toys~

went to a Trader Joe's for the first time to find the ingredients to make a competitor's salad from the Iron Chef:Blogstyle challenge (there is still time to vote for me!)~

and wrapped everything up with fake mustaches at dinner - which is of course how all great things should end!


  1. How fun! That salad looks yummy. We used to play 4 square all of the time. I forgot how to play though.

  2. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, it's almost a weekly trip for me for different things :) Alex really likes their hummus, I like their granola bars & cereal bars, and other things of course :)

  3. It is a busy time...and I so LOVED 4-Square!! What fun!

  4. Your salad turned out to look a whole lot prettier than ours did...You'll laugh when you see the pictures I post! Thanks again for picking up the goodies for us!