Thursday, September 3, 2009

24 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans
September, lovely September, my most favorite month of all.

I certainly could be considered bias of course because my birthday is in this lovely month but I am sure that is only a small part of it. School is starting, the days are a bit shorter {good for reinforcing reasonable bedtimes with those who insist bedtime exactly correlates to the sun setting and not the time on the clock}, the weather a bit cooler {love my hoodies!} and it begins to usher in my favorite season.

Being that summer in Michigan was unseasonably cool this year, which is putting it nicely as there are many stronger words I would LOVE to describe the weather this summer, most especially after last weeks miserable trip to the beach, but that is neither here nor there at this point... we were talking about September - remember? Ah, yes... so I have made the most of the cool weather and am especially pleased to have devoured so many great books in a few months time.

Yes, my friends, I have been doing a lot of reading! I currently am re-reading the first book of the Harry Potter series as "research" you might say. I am trying to follow the advice of a few wise friends and plunge forward with my own writing dream and have decided to study up on a few of my favorites to see what I want to write about and in what style.

I most definitely enjoy J.K. Rowlings style of writing and think it would be so rewarding to complete a novel that my kids would enjoy reading, something they can be proud of their old Mom for. Not saying that I am old or anything, just that someday I will be and then they can say that... oh, stop - we are all gonna get old so embrace those random gray hairs and enjoy the ride. Though I would really enjoy it if Lilly would quit reminding me that I am going to die someday and it might be because I get sick... geesh already.

I hope you have had a chance to enjoy a good book or two this summer. If you have read any great ones please leave the title and author for me in the comments, I'd love to join the fun!

Speaking of fun - get on over to Forever in Blue Jeans - Carin is gettin' us all in the pics.

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  1. I mostly just read magazines and non-fiction books. Abby and I just finished The Boxcar Children and loved it! LOL!

  2. Sophie Kinsella is an amazing author!

  3. ahh, since having (4) kids my 'reading' time has been limited! I remember the days I could curl up on the couch and read a good book. Now I read books to my kids instead :)

  4. I really like this picture of you! That is so great you are going to write a novel, Keep up the good work!