Friday, August 28, 2009

World Traveler: Lilly

Not a world traveler so much as a Michigan traveler, Lilly spent a week with her Grandma Lily in the scenic Upper Peninsula. Normally this is a yearly summer vacation that we all take together but due to budget cuts we had canceled our plans to go. My Mom still kept her plans and wanted my kids to go with, however Lilly was the only one who had the week free and clear in her calendar.

On the road! After work on Friday Grandma Lily arrived in her red chariot to whisk Miss Lilly away for a fun week of summer fun. Little did the girl know she had a 10 hour trip ahead of her...
Pit stop! I see a theme developing... Grandma stopped for gas and the divine miss Lil insisted on getting popcorn from the gas station. I see that she also insisted on carrying her white puppy and if you look closely you can see the bottom end of her pastel bunny - both of which make great outdoor toys, not. It seems she had her way the whole week, we are now going through a "retraining" period. Ask me how that is going, no really, go ahead, I dare you...

10 hours later... she finally feel asleep a few hours before reaching the cottage. This looks so painful, she must have been beyond tired to handle sitting like that. Ouch!
The first few days were gorgeous, much to my chagrin. I had rationalized my disappointment in canceling our own trip by the assumption that if the weather down state was so cold this summer that it must be even worse in the U.P. Looks like I was wrong on dat one, 'eh. It was all fine in da U.P. 'eh.
The first weekend Lilly played non-stop...
She had two swim suit changes the first day alone. According to my Mom she was in the water by 8am the first day, despite arriving at 2am the night before. It looks so nice and sunny!
Chalk's away! This brings back memories of drawing on the same exact sidewalk with chalk when I was her age. My Mom and Bumpa said it was like having me around as a little girl again. That is until Lilly opened her mouth... I was not such an oppositional young thing as she insists on being. No really, I wasn't - I swear.
My Uncle Ron - Lilly's new favorite uncle. Sorry Uncle Ryan, you have been dethroned!
Slowly the weather turned and the sun disappeared for days on end. Every one still found ways to pass the time, such as a new game that I would call "scare Lilly by pretending to through her overboard."
Uncle Ryan, unable to unplug even on vacation. Guess it is a good thing or else I wouldn't have had daily picture updates to tide me over while my baby girl was gone.
This also brings back memories because Michigan weather is so unpredictable, especially the farther north you go. Many days were spent inside but thankfully Lil is awesome at self entertaining. Poker chips can be people too!
The night before leaving my Uncle Ron started a little bonfire, pretty cool looking isn't it?

To pass the cold days Lilly was introduced to some new games. She enjoyed Botche Ball and soon learned that if you walked your balls to the white ball and surrounded it you could avoid the hassle of tossing them and taking a chance on not winning.
Hi Ya! I am the winner and I'll prove it, come a little closer!

Lilly spent 9 days away from home, spending incredible quality time with her Grandma Lily, Great-Grandpa {my Bumpa}, Great Uncle Ron, Uncle Ryan and her new Aunt Claudia. She had a great time and did not get home sick once. She was so sad to leave the Cottage and declared, upon arriving home, that she is going to take all of us with her next year. I certainly hope she does.


  1. How fun for her! How exciting that she got her own vacation!

    I was LOL about the "until she opened her mouth" part. My daughter is the same way!

  2. What a great adventure on her own! Love the pictures and it looks like she had an EXHAUSTING time! ;)

    Thanks for the comment on today's Mod Podge post. Glad you're getting use out of your ribbon you won! Hope you can join us for another craft challenge...come back tomorrow to see what it is!

  3. Thanks for adding the craft challenge button to your sidebar. Can't wait to see all the crafty things people come up with for the Fall season!