Saturday, September 5, 2009

World Traveler: Nathan

Nathan is the man this summer. While his family dutifully withdrew all vacation plans and tried out the new fad of "staycation" he was jet-setting across the country, all the way to Mexico. Every two years or so my Dad and Step Mom take an exotic vacation down to sunny Cancun for two weeks, taking along a grandchild or two. This year it was Nathan's turn to go and he was accompanied by his cousin, Devin, who is a year older. Little did my parents know what they were in for with those too... or did they? The lucky world travelers!

Nathan and Devin in the cockpit of the plane, how cool is that?!

Once they arrived in Cancun, my Dad, Angie, Devin and Nathan hopped on to a very nice bus and traveled 4 hours in to the country to my Aunt and Uncles house in Merida. I think maybe they are watching a movie in this picture...? Or they are just too sexy for the bus perhaps?

I really like this picture - two of my favorite fellas, Nathan and my Dad.

STOP! Two young hunks, lookin' for a good time.

The heat was more than anyone had anticipated, super high compared to anything the boys had ever experienced. Sleeping in hammocks, especially in the unbearable heat, is the preferred way to snooze the night away.

Super tasty fish and other great authentic foods were abundant. Nathan liked the fish and had so many new and exciting foods he had never heard of. I am so proud of him for trying so many different things.

The boys were able to play with there Mexico cousins, seeing the two younger ones for the very first time.

In the market the boys are picking out a hat from the vendors. What an interesting way to showcase your inventory... wonder if their necks are very sore at the end of the day?

Shark! Thank goodness it is just a baby one... not only were the boys intrigued by this little monster but so were my Dad and Angie - in fact Angie used the rough skin on the shark to file a chipped nail. Good thing the shark was dead or else it might have been ticked to be used as a nail file...

My Uncle Carlos took everyone to this beach along the ocean where flamingos migrate. There were thousands of pink flamingos up and down this coast, a breath-taking sight. Did you know flamingos get their pink color from eating krill and shrimp... brighter the pink = better eaters.

Holy smokes... wouldn't want to meet this fella in a dark alley at night... whoa.

More ruins the kids visited...
I am sure I'll get it wrong... this is a Senota (sp?) and an amazing sight

here the boys are flipping in to the water of the Senota - far braver than me!

They saw a sound and light show at these ruins, looks pretty neat!

Standing in more ruins. They saw so much but this blog would never end if I added all of the amazing pictures.
Chichen Itza, a super huge pyramid. When I went to Mexico back in 1995 we were able to climb the 365 stairs to the top but they no longer allow it. They arrived early enough to get pictures before the throngs of tourists showed up to mar the background of this great pic.

Lime Popsicles, a welcome relief from the scorching heat.
What a beautiful sight, wish I'd been there. The second week everyone headed back to Cancun to the resort for fun and sun!

So brave! Here the boys are floating high above the ocean in a para sail, just the two of them.

The tiny spot, way up high in the sky, is the boys para sail

I believe that these young men spent more time in the water than on dry land, it is a wonder they remembered how to walk at all.

The boys had a chance to go snorkeling in the ocean, what an incredible experience for them!

I'm savin' this one for his first girlfriend, hehehe!

The market downtown where Nathan tried his hand at negotiating for many, many treasures to bring home for his waiting family and, of course, for himself.

This is Princess the gi-normus snake and these are the crazy people who thought it was a good idea to hold this man eater...

I am almost sure she is enjoying herself way too much and likely would have put the thing in her suitcase and brought it home.

It would appear Dad has finally figured out just what this thing could actually do to him...
One last dip in the salty ocean...

The last day and I'd say those boys look like they had a great time and love there Grandma for giving them such an incredible experience.

Lillian is very excited with her hot pink sombrero her awesome big brother brought home for her. Adios Amigos!


  1. How amazing is that!?! I know he had a blast.

  2. That is SO amazing! *I* want to go next time!!

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