Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School: 2009

Here we go again!  Mom's most favorite time of year - the first day of school, oh yeah!
The boys became huge fans of the many Sonic the Hedgehog Wii games they found to rent during the summer so it was only fitting that their first day of school shirts displayed the little blue fella.
Nathan, the proud new 3rd grader, is sporting his new freckles from a bit too much sun in Mexico.
Once a ham, always a ham, Sir Topher - the 2nd grader!

The boys enjoyed returning to the same school for the second year, I did too because everyone was far more relaxed and comfortable with the new begining.  The boys are enjoying their teachers and having fun seeing old friends and making new ones.  It is hard to believe how fast they have grown but so exciting too!
Speaking of growing too fast... Lilly joined in on the first day fun with a super adorable new outfit!  We are trying out a great preschool/daycare down the road, which is what is in the background.  Wish us luck with that one - this girl is stubborn and morning is not her shiny time.

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