Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Forever In Blue Jeans
New-To-Us Skates!

I found these gems at our local Good Will as I hunted for bits and pieces to fashion each child's requested Halloween costume for this fall.  I paid less than $10 for both pairs, so when they get bored with them after a few days it won't break my heart.
Helmets securely fastened, we took to the lot, but both Topher and Lilly soon found their skills lacking.  Mom to the rescue!  I unbelievably found the patience I needed to repeatedly walk both kids around and around the parking lot, giving pointers and guiding balance.
Lilly's skates are way too big, so it was pretty great entertainment to see her try so hard with such an impossible task.  Thankfully she has years to learn and plenty of room to grow {her feet anyway}.
Skate to Carin's at Forever in Blue Jeans, she is always doing something fun!
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  1. We find great buys at Goodwill too. I've debated getting skates for our kids, but don't have a good spot nearby to skate, except the road :(

  2. What great pictures for this weeks post! Goodwill is the best...especially on items like those, where their feet grow so fast, and you can barely keep shoes on them...let along roller blades.

  3. How fun! My kids wore out countless pairs of rollerblades, and one of mine learned how to skate in her big brothers when she was 3 years old! We found a really good pair in the goodwill after that, and although way too big for her, she wore them anyway, they lasted her about 5 years, & she literally wore them out!

  4. That is awesome! What a fun time. I have fond memories of skating, I know your kids will too! Great finds you got at Goodwill!!

  5. So cute. I can't skate at all! Those were great finds.

    On another note, I wish my daughter would make up her mind about Halloween, she changes it every 3 seconds!