Thursday, September 10, 2009

25 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans

Thirty again!  Yes, that is right - I am going backwards in age so when my birthday rolled around {as it seems to have the pesky habit of doing so every year...} I was delighted to erase a few years from my birth certificate.  Go me! 
We started a super fun weekend with the visit of a speedy ice cream truck... well, more of a sad looking Astro Van which closely resembled a rusty bullet as it sped down our busy street.  Luckily with 8 arms waving wildly at the end of driveway we summoned the gal back and perused her wares... which were sadly limited and packed in dry ice.  This picture of Nathan is exactly what it looks like - said young man managed to get his tounge STUCK to his ice cream bar.  {What a look of compassion Topher has for his brothers pain} After a bit of patience and his warming breath he was free and managed to enjoy the treat without further incident.  Whew!
On Saturday we packed the fam in to our sleek, rust free van and sped off like a bullet to Grand Haven for the day.  I {heart} Rays from back in my High School days, so we stopped in and the kids experienced that fun little hamburger stand which we quickly took to the State Park and enjoyed on the sandy beach.  For the first time this summer we enjoyed a hot, wind and seagull free day, now that is sayin' something.
Each of the kids took turns digging large holes and filling them back in with their bodies and loads of heavy sand, similar to small tombs - don't really see the appeal myself.  Lilly couldn't resist getting back at Topher for all his naughty big brother crud he is always pulling on her... it was pretty funny to see how upset the little bit of water made him only after he saw who was pouring it. 
Monday morning, the day of my birthday, the kids woke me up with breakfast in bed {which looked oddly like Mr. Magoo}, a GIANT card that spoke to me and a very nice gift of bath bubbles.  Since that day I keep wishing a quick death to the battery of the card because it causes hours entertainment for Lilly now... *sigh*
After breakfast we headed out to the John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids.  Fun!
Could it be that Lilly was in a bad mood...again...even after a fun day at the zoo?  Um, ya, which is usually the case anymore - I am so not looking forward to her teenage years if this is what her toddler years are like.  Seriously.   
 We ended our fun-filled weekend with a yummy ice cream cake and two too many candles... I'm going backwards, remember?  Guess I'll have to talk to the management about that one.  Sunday night Patrick arranged for the kids to go to The Wonderful Sherry's {her new title from now on} house for about 4 hours so we could have alone time and go to dinner - so I vote this year as the absolute best birthday ever. 

Forever in Blue Jeans is another fabulous place to be, go on over and check it out.

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  1. What a GREAT capture of your birthday!! Nothin' better than breakfast in bed...sweet kids!

  2. Happy 30th! Looks like a grand day!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a fun weekend.

  4. Yeah, Happy Birthday! So many great pictures. Looks like they had a little help cooking that breakfast =)

  5. Happy birthday! Looks like a great one. We have the same family combination as you... two brothers and then little sister. I can't even begin to count the # of pictures with sister in a grumpy mood. It does get better, though! :)

  6. What great bday pics! Blogged over from Carin's! I went to school at GVSU and loved the beach and that zoo!! How funny to see it, as it has been ages since being there! Hope you enjoyed your special day...that breakfast sure looked yummy!