Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to School Gift

School is back in session next week, Mom's can I get a woot - woot? I love the new Staples commercial playing the Christmas song "The most wonderful time of year" and you see the Dad frolicking with a shopping cart and two very forlorn looking kids trudging behind... ha, ha - that Dad is ME! Okay, not really, but he embodies the very feeling that is radiating from my weary {this has been the longest summer, ever} self. I love my kiddos but they need structure that I am terrible at administering without an outside force, i.e. school.

This year I am excited to try my hand as the Secretary of our PTO. We have the best little PTO this side of US-31 and I really enjoy the events we are involved in all year long. To kick off the new school year I had the pleasure of putting together 36 "welcome back" gifts. I decided to do a survival theme and in that same vein decided on a reusable Rubbermaid tote to hold all of the treasures.

Inside the tote I supplied a bottle of water, cleverly decorated with a welcoming hanger holding a flavorful snippet. Laying next to it is a note pad, pack of Wet Ones {germs!}, single serve Milano cookies {yummy indulgence!} and a granola bar {for added energy of course!}. Next to those were a pen, pencil and ring tied together with coordinating ribbon. Hand sanitizer {germs, germs, germs!} and a little bundle containing a Shout wipe, a travel pack of Tylenol and a few band-aids {you just never know} sat in the bottom. To the left was a box of Sucrets {for dry/scratchy throats - hee, hee} and a small pack of Ice Breakers gum. Covering the gum is a two-stack of clever little Post-its held to together with a magnetic clip and on top of it all were a few Life Saver candies - need I say more?

Tissue paper matching the lid of the tote was layered in the bottom and then carefully covered the top of the items inside. In my mind it was like getting an awesome boxed lunch at an outing and the excitement when you see what lies behind the lid and the thin bit of tissue underneath. Way over thinking it? Yah, but that is what I do and now have an incredible outlet for it. Ha, ha!
Happy Back to School everyone!


  1. That is awesome!! It is nice to have the kids in school, I'm very thankful that we today is the completion of a week and a half :)

  2. Oh very nice!!! ANd, uh...