Thursday, March 19, 2009

Think About It Thursday

Patterns are one of the first concepts the boys learned when they started school and they have brought their love of all things colorfully aligned to their little sister. Lilly received a very fun gift of colored foam beads from the school Librarian, thank you Ellen! One morning as she was stringing the shapes on to the plastic line I asked her each color and attempted to show her how to make different patterns. It is still a work in progress but so much fun. I think she is learning these concepts because when we are doing our everyday activities she points out colors, numbers and patterns to me. It is so exciting!!!

Learning Objectives: Lilly will identify and create patterns from various shapes and colors

~Large foam beads {Walmart craft section}
~Plastic string
~Large blunt-tip plastic needle
1. Spread out many different shapes and colors within the childs reach
2. As the child strings the beads ask her to tell you the color and shape (or identify the shape if the child does not know)
3. Using your own example show the child a pattern of either shapes or colors or a combination of both
Bonus Lesson: this teachs great fine motor skills as the child manpulates the needle to fit in the beads small opening.
This is a fun activity that keeps all of my kids busy for a long time and was a welcome distraction on a recent long car trip.
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  1. Very fun! I like those foam bead! Lil's hair looks precious!

  2. How fun! My daughter also likes those foam beads.