Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me!

Certainly I am Super Mom, with my red crest hiding just beneath my snot stained hoodie. I am sure of this because I would never allow my 3 year old to play outside on her own while I watch from the warmth of my computer chair. I would never send her outside without boots and snowpants, knowing full well her intent was to play in the last little bits of snow remaining in the parking lot in front of our house. I would never allow her to sit in the snow without afore mentioned snowpants and to walk in the piles of dirty snow with just shoes on. Not I! It is a very good thing that I would not do that for I would surely have to dig out a new set of clothes from the laundry baskets that I would never leave sitting, becoming wrinkled beyond repair. Most of all, I would never sneak outside and settle for a far away shot of her sitting in the lonely strip of snow just so she would not notice me and want me to join her. {Want to see the adorable pic I took? That is considered evidence, and we can't have that, now can we?} I would also never do this because it falls right at nap time and what kind of mother would allow this craziness when a young girl should be getting her rest? Not me!

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  1. Sometimes we just have to let our kids feel mother nature not all bundled up........LOL
    Happy NMM

  2. Sounds like you were both enjoying your time! In my opinion, that is part of what makes you supermom!

  3. It must be wonderful to be able to sit inside as your daughter plays outside. Sounds like you have a great set up. :)

  4. Eh, sometimes kids need to get dirty!!!

    Thanks for hanging at my place!