Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bridal Shower Pink Tea

Pink Tea! Ladies in fun floral skirts! Sweet little treats and tea sandwiches! Guest gifts of handmade adorable aprons!
This past Saturday Lilly and I had the honor of attending a bridal shower for Claudia, my future sister-in-law. The Pink Tea shower was hosted by her family and they did such a wonderful job, we really enjoyed ourselves during the festivities. I was excited to have a chance to make cute little bonnet shaped cookies and assist Rachel (Claudia's younger sister) with some of the games.

Lilly and my niece Ana were treated to their very own table, complete with a pretty table cloth and their very own little aprons. The girls had such a great time chatting as only three year-old girls can while they sipped on green punch and ate pink M&M's by the fistful. Unknown to my sister and me the girls were getting perpetual refills from other guests who happened to pass by. I certainly don't blame the ladies who refilled their little cups because the girls quickly learned that if they looked sad enough and held their empty cup high enough they would not have to say a word, which might have alerted us to their rouse.
Each table at the tea was adorned with pretty tea pots and each guest had a delicate tea cup and a fun assortment of teas to choose from. The highlight was the chocolate fountain and the pink marshmallows to dip in to its chocolaty goodness. As we left that day Lilly made sure to stuff a few pink marshmallows into her mouth and carry out one in each little hand. We had a great time and now this mother and her adorable daughter have matching pink aprons to model for our boys as we cook/play in the kitchen.

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  1. Oh fun! I was dying to hear a little about the shower and even more excited to see pictures. I love the bonnets you made. Those would be adorable for Easter too! Pink marshmallows in chocolate fountain sound yummy...we call those "pigs in the mud!"