Sunday, July 5, 2009

Iron Chef: Kid Chef Topher


Welcome to the second installment of Iron Chef:Blogstyle Kid Chef Challenge!

Today's competitor is Topher, a nearly 7yr old boy, full of you-know-what. The rules on Sacred and Profane state "This month's theme is Kid Chefs. I'm looking for kid's that cook a meal - easy or hard, as long as THEY do it. There's no pride in doing your kids science project for them, is there? No. Shame, shame, shame."

...and yet my special little Topher, my dear "make things more difficult than the need to be" Topher, the epitome of the middle child Topher has decided his submission shall be an ice cream treat that has the vaguest directions ever. I suppose when I was nearly 7 yrs old an ice cream treat would have been the ideal meal, so we'll roll with it and see what happens.

On to the recipe:

Brain Freeze Ice Cream Sundae

What you need:
• A blender
• ice cream
• chocolate syrup
• 1/2 cup ice
• 1 - 2 cups of milk

Put the ice cream, ice and

chocolate syrup in the blender. The amount of chocolate syrup depends on how chocolate you like it

Pour the milk in but don't make it too milky.

Blend until thick and creamy to drink.

Mom Note: This drink really isn't much of a sundae, more of a very cold shake. We put nearly 1/3 of the half gallon and 3 cups of ice plus a ton of chocolate sauce to make it just right. It filled three of the glasses shown when done. Topher picked peanut butter cup ice cream so it was super yummy!


  1. Hey, that sounds like my kind of recipe. I'll take a glass, please. ;)

  2. WTG Topher! That looks chocolicious! You're in the contest - good luck!