Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strawberry Tower

As overheard in the Schweri kitchen, one hot and muggy Monday afternoon.

Topher: "Mom, I'm bored - can I play Wii?"
Mom: "No buddy, no more screen time. Find something else to do."
Topher: "Aw, Mom, that's no fair. There is nothing else to play with."
Mom: "Really, you don't have a million trains in your room that you just had to buy last month and now don't touch? How about the books you had to have from the book fair and have not read yet?"
Topher: "I read that book, two whole pages, but it is a looong one and will take forever!"
Mom: "That is the point, it will keep you busy for a long time... give it a try, please?!"
Topher: "That isn't fun. I'm bored. Can I go on the computer? Can I watch T.V.? Hey, what are you doing?"
Mom: "I am going to make a yummy Blueberry Dump Cake recipe I just saw, do you want to help?"
Topher: "Sure but can we use strawberries instead, I don't like blueberries. Can we add chocolate to it too?"
Mom: "I don't have enough strawberries for that. Plus I only have white cake mixes, oh, and one banana cake mix."
Topher: "Oooooo, can we make the banana cake mix, put chocolate on it and strawberries?"
Mom: "Okay buddy, get the cake mix and I'll grab the camera..."

...and so I give you Topher's Strawberry Tower Cake recipe:

1 box of banana cake mix
2 ripe bananas
Chocolate frosting
Strawberries (about one carton)
Chocolate sauce

1. Make cake as directed on box, careful to not drop egg shells in the mix and freak your Mom out.

2. Get grossed out as Mom adds the ripe bananas during the mixing process.

3. Burn your finger as you insist on putting the pans in the oven yourself to bake as directed and cool.

4. While the cakes bake, and after soothing your finger with a cold washcloth, cut strawberries in to slices. Preferably oddly shaped slices that later will prove a challenge to lay flat on the cake and even get a bit mushy.

5. Once cakes are cool enough, who has the time or patience to wait for them to totally cool anyway, frost the bottom layer {and only the bottom layer, don't question the boys genius, it is futile to try} with chocolate frosting.

6. Now suddenly exert extreme patience and test your Mom's sanity by slowly putting slices of strawberry on the chocolate layer but not in any rhyme or reason so that at the end you have to forcefully shove pieces to cover each square inch.

7. Set second layer on top, and begrudgingly allow your Mom to help layer remaining strawberries on top - gotta know when to keep the peace. Make Mom feel even better by complimenting her choice in putting the large chunks on the outer edge.

8. Grab the chocolate sauce bottle and squirt as much as possible on the top of the strawberries until a grown-up forces you to cease and desist.



  1. Yummy! This is why you are home right now....to give your kids things(time, love) they couldn't get with someone else!

  2. Beautiful!!! Nicely played, Topher. :-)