Thursday, August 6, 2009

20 of 52

Good friends are essential in life. Why is it in our efforts to be a good friend we rarely call on our friends to help us out {imagine!}, but often insist they call us when help is needed?

If you don't know what I am talking about then may I suggest a new set of friends? Oooo, is that a bit of "tough love" I am throwing out? You bet and I feel the best to deal it because I am notorious for wondering why my friends didn't call me to watch their children or to make them a meal or to pick up something in a time of need and yet, and yet, who do I call when I am on the potential receiving end - um, not a single person except perhaps my parents {and I am fairly certain I have tapped that line too much already}.

When we were losing our house a few years ago and I attempted to work a third shift factory job to save it who did I call on to help watch my three young children so I could sleep? Not a single person... instead I fought to stay awake all day after working until Patrick came home at 6:30pm. I can not even tell you how much it still hurts me when I think of the look of my dear neighbor when I finally came clean about that summer and she knew I did not lean on her to watch the kids... something I will never do to a friend again.

What leads me to this? Well, this email is super deep for all that it amounts to is a picture of Patrick and myself out hiking at Snug Harbor. Do you know why we were able to take that hike? I took the time to ask my friend if she had a few hours in her day to take my children so that we could have some "kid free" time. We have done this more in the past two months than the whole 10 years of our marriage. It has finally dawned on me that my friends are far more likely to take me up on offers of help if I allow them to help me first.
If I hadn't taken the time look at what we would have missed...

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  1. I'm very guilty of this too. I think Alex and I have gone out alone twice since we've been here other than we'll ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the kids while we walk to Kroger but other than that I think we've asked twice for someone other than family to watch our kids. And I wonder why my stress level is through the roof. Oh well maybe some day I'll learn, then again maybe not :)

  2. This is a really good lesson to learn! I think I am guilty of always wanting to try to help, but never ready to admit to myself that I may need a hand once in a while too! :)

  3. oh... what a wonderfully written post. I can so understand what you are saying. I am not good at that either, and nor do we have family, and my husband works out of town 90% of the time. that makes for one exhausted momma. We just moved to a new town and I don't know anyone yet but when I make some friends, I hope I feel like I can ask them. It's so important! I do love your photos and that you two got out together.

    And I'm sorry about the book =P

  4. Good post and great pictures. I am just like you... hate to "bother" anyone, but would love to be bothered by someone. Glad you took that first step in deepening friendships. True friends love us even after they've kept our kids. :)