Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Forever In Blue Jeans

I did it! 

I finally attended and completed the Course 3 cake decorating class by Wilton. 

I learned fondant and it is all I had hoped it would be.  Using frosting to make flowers is an exact skill done with a careful hand, something I seem to lack.  Whereas fondant can be made and remade until it looks just right, it is fussy and so am I, a perfect pair!

For our final class the instructions were to make and assemble a two-tiered cake.  In light of the painful fact that I am getting sick of cake and have no desire to have it sit around my house, tempting me at every turn, I decided to make it for Thanksgiving instead.  Well, I really wanted to make an adorable sky blue cake covered in little fondant flowers, but that does not say "holiday" to me and thus felt the need to create a fondant turkey.  He turned out so cute.  Note: it does not bode well for the piped on border if you have had a few tasty 007 mixed drinks, which my dear sister Angie mixed very strong... and my hand was a bit unsteady

My play-doh like cake frosting medium inspired young Topher and he spent hours (no kidding) working on his own Thanksgiving turkey.  I baked him a special little cake to perch his artwork on.

A big thank you goes to my strange, yet loving little brother for snapping the pictures of our Thanksgiving cake adventures.  He couldn't resist being seen with the turkey bling.

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