Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Forever In Blue Jeans

I {heart} weddings, especially when the person getting married is by far the most deserving person of everlasting happiness. 

I met my dear friend Meggan over 10 years ago when we both worked Guest Service at Target in Mt. Pleasant.  We were both attending CMU at the time and quickly became great friends. 

I am so touched by Meggans happily-ever-after because she is the most unselfish person I have ever met.  She listens with uninterrupted curiosity and asks questions that show she is really listening to what you have to say.  Patrick and I have always spoke highly of Meggan and her ability to be an amazing friend to so many people.

Despite the distance, she came to visit after the birth of each of our children.  She always made it a point to come visit us and meet the newest Schweri.  She visited Lillian nearly 4 years ago, and with the decision to stop with that gem of a baby girl {God has one heck of a sense of humor} it meant that was the last time we had the opportunity to visit with her.

Until this past weekend, that is. 

Meggan surpassed the image of a beautiful bride and I found myself holding back tears as she exchanged vows with her amazing groom.  He is truly a lucky man and so deserving of such an incredible woman.

Every detail was thought of from the wedding to the reception.  So much so that by dinner Patrick and I could hardly eat because we had been so well fed up to that point.  The meal was amazing, we were served small portions of both Grand Traverse Chicken (with an incredible cherry gravy) and Filet Mignon.  Even the presentation was remarkable. {uh, huh - you betcha I took a pic of the food}

I was so happy to spend this incredible day with Meggan and her new husband.  Though they live in Nashville now I hope to visit her in the near future, perhaps when she has her first child. 

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  1. Awe friends from college rock. Thanks for the reminder to call my old CMU roomie!