Monday, November 9, 2009

Lego Mania!

Sunday we made a trip over to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, for the Lego Exhibit.

There were giant Legos,

pink Legos,

absolutely amazing pieces made entirely out of Legos,

a catapult simulation to see if you selected the right components to make a secure Lego wall,

a Lego castle - complete with locked up treasure and a booby-trapped key,

a royal throne with an incredible transparent Lego stained-glass window behind it,

a 9-year old dork who happens to be standing in front of a very cool portrait made of Legos and thus is the only reason this photo made it on to my blog,

and more giant Legos,

this is an impressive Knight constructed of nothing but Legos with unbelievable definition,

young Lillian, dressed in her medieval finery, poses with one of many cute cardboard cutouts around the exhibit,

jousting with clever colored horses, whose jousting lances are securely fastened to their sides, was a favorite to be sure,

but overall the favorite seemed to come back to the giant Legos. 
I highly recommend to anyone in the area that you visit the museum and take some time to find your inner child at the Lego Exhibit.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! My girls like to play with blocks and would probably love being there.