Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tulip Time Highlights

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Friday's last performance. The boys both had baseball games so they could not be with me, but Miss Lil' was and she was loving the attention. She surprised me with her imitation of many of our dance moves, I honestly didn't think she was paying that much attention. In this picture she is doing what she calls the "hey" move, most likely because once the dancers kick in a circle they shout "hey" as they start to go the opposite direction.

I was SO late to the mornings performance that we were sure to be SO early to the evening one, which meant we had time to walk around and look at local shops. Outside of this particular store was a sign reading "Welkom, All Jackets 30% Off." Lilly pointed to it and said [in her best adult voice] "Mamma, this sign says 'Do not touch the flowers.'" I laughed so hard because she has never done anything like that before and it is something I must have been saying alot. In Holland there are big fines for damaging Tulips so I made sure she didn't touch. After that she correctly identified the letter "L" on the sign and then we reviewed all of the other letters - we had an ABC lesson while wearing wooden shoes!
Lilly asked for my camera and when I looked through my pictures later I found this neat one of her capturing the edge of her own skirt and tips of her wooden shoes. I really like the way it turned out.
All week I tried desperately to get pictures of the kids with the tulips but found it very difficult to get all three to cooperate. The few pictures I did get at the beginning of the festival somehow deleted from my camera... so I was delighted when Lilly sat in front of these pretty pink tulips and asked me to take her picture. After my shock I quickly snapped a few, included her taking time to smell the flowers.

This is a traditional pose that the dancers do for the tourists so they can take pictures of us, although it is typically at the end of our 20 minute long dance and we are hot and red faced... but the folks don't seem to mind. I had so much fun with Lilly and am thankful to have this one for our scrapbooks. Our group of dancers are the best ladies and I really enjoyed seeing each of them every night for the past week, I can't wait for Tulip Time next year!


  1. Wonderful pictures and sounds like a great day!

  2. Lilly has a good kick for Dutch Dance! What great pictures, it was so great having you dance with us this year! And I agree, we have the best group of ladies dancing!

  3. What a great day! It was such a treat to see these pictures, surely not something we would get to see locally. Great post!