Friday, May 1, 2009

Jell-O Fun with Daddy

My precious {oh, so precious when she follows each of my requests with a confident "NO"} 3 year old daughter has developed a love for the kitchen. She has always enjoyed eating and is now figuring out that she can help make food too. A few weeks ago she insisted on making cookies and the next week it was muffins. Daily her answer to "What would you like for lunch?" is Mac & Cheese "I'll get the box, you get the water and I'll add the milk (pronounced Melk), butter (pronouned buder) and cheese."

Last night she wanted Jell-O and brought me the box so I could open it for her to eat. Disappointment abounded when she realized I was telling her that Jell-O had to be made and did not come ready out of the box.

Daddy to the rescue! Together Lilly and Patrick made the Jell-O using the Jigglers recipe and let it set in the fridge. While I was at the grocery store they pulled out all of my cookie cutters and made many fun shapes out of the jigglers. I was so excited when Lilly correctly identified most of the shapes she had cut.

This is our Kid Friendly rainy day sanity saver!
Katie has even more fun ideas at A Listmaker's Life, wade through the puddles to see what she is up to.


  1. Cute! Hoping we get to see little miss Lilly and her brothers tonight. REALLY hoping the rain stops!!

  2. Such cute shapes and what a fun daddy/daughter activity. Mikayla loves Jello Jigglers!! Maybe we'll do it this afternoon! The day started out beautiful here with the sun out and we actually played outside, but it's slowly starting to look a little gray.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. That's so awesome that she's loving the kitchen, Kiefer's favorite things to cook are pork chops and pancakes. That's really neat that Patrick took time to make them with her too!!! What a good dad!

  4. Hey Shelby! Just wanted to let you know I linked you on my blog today, talking about Dutch Dancing! See you soon!

  5. They turned out really good! Our jigglers always stick to the pan. Jello sounds yummy right now!

  6. Hi Shelby:

    The file of the dance is too big to email, I tried attaching it and sending it to Katie. I think the only way you'd be able to post it too is if I put it on YouTube. I know you can share YouTube videos on blogs, as I've seen them. I can do that, but it'll need to be a public video that everyone can see and I wasn't sure if Katie and the rest of the group was ready for such stardom! Ask Katie if it's okay, since she's mainly the one on it and I'll put it on my YouTube account and then email you a link. Let me know if you want me to upload it!