Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

I love to plan and execute parties but have not had an opportunity or occasion to do so in a long time (or at least not since Christmas anyway). Imagine my joy to find out Topher's class did not have a party coordinator for Valentine's Day! My mind has been whirling with ideas for over a month now and so I am diving in to the labor of love in an effort to be ready ahead of time so I can call parent volunteers with exactly what we have left to do.

The jars will be awarded to the student who can guess the amount of candy it holds. The jars were a great find at Goodwill and after a very through cleaning make a nice prize themselves.

The take-out boxes will be wrapped in to a box and that box will be wrapped in to a larger box and repeated again. At the party we will play "Musical Boxes" and the kids will pass around the box until the music stops. The one with the box will unwrap it and my hope is they will get a laugh out of the fact that there is another box to unwrap and pass. We will keep up the passing until the final unwrap reveals the little take-out boxes for everyone (including the teacher!). The take-out boxes were a steal at the dollar store and the empty boxes are left from our move.

The kids will then have time to pass out their valentines to each other and read through them. As they look at valentines will will pass out a balance of fun sweet snacks and healthy good-for-you snacks. I will be sure to emphasize to the parent bringing a healthy snack that "cheese and crackers" doesn't mean Handi-snacks. :)

My hope is to keep the party simple and emphasize friendship and working as a team.

What are you doing special for Valentines day? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. I'm lovin' your tackle!! Boxes in boxes to unwrap is so fun. I'm sure the kids will love it. Good planning!

  2. So fun! I think valentines is such a fun holiday to celebrate!! I'm glad I like it so much... it's my daughter's birthday!