Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best Day Ever!

The Muskegon County Winter Sports Complex was a great find today and imagine my excitement when it was not far from home. I accompanied an 8th grade EI class as the Parapro Sub to the complex today and had the best time ever. We started out by cross-country skiing for over an hour, up steep hills and down again, learning about using the track to ski easier and having fun laughing each time we fell.

Next we tried snow shoes and hiked up the dune to the lake. I have never climbed a dune in the winter and was amazed at how spectacular a sight Lake Michigan is this time of year. It has been so bone-chilling cold that the lake was complete ice as far as I could see. It is hard to imagine all of our summer fun at the beach when looking at the mountains of ice and snow. As a throw back to summer we roasted S'mores in the lodge fire which was the best treat on a cold day.

Lastly I tied on a pair of figure skates and took a tour on the frozen rink. The complex has 2 rinks which both lead to an ice trail through the woods, so fun! I think this was my most enjoyable day as a Sub ever! I can't wait to take my kids and share the fun new experience.


  1. I thought subbing for chemistry was fun today...but not even close to as much fun as yours!!!