Thursday, February 26, 2009

Think it Through Thursday


Learning Objective: Wintertime is the season to give children hands-on math practice - with mittens.

~ construction paper in various colors and/or patterns
~ scissors
~ markers or crayons

1. Cut out pairs of paper mittens from construction paper. There should be several pairs of matching mittens (same size and color), as well as a variety of mitten pairs in different sizes and colors.

2. Perfect Pairs: mix up the variety of mitten pairs. Have children sort the mittens by size and color to find matching pairs. Ask children "What makes a pair? What other objects come in pairs?"

3. Numeral Match-Ups: Gather several identical pairs of mittens (same color and size). For each pair, make symbols on one mitten (such as dots or stars) and write the number of symbols on its mate. Mix up the mittens and have children match them up by the number of symbols and the corresponding numeral.

Bonus Lesson:
Mitten Measurements: Using the same-sized mittens, let children take turns lying on the floor and measure how many mittens tall they are. Chart the results for all to see.

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  1. Good idea, and easy to recreate. Thanks for sharing! I've done the measurement by nontraditional units before, actually a lot in K. The kids always liked it and it was more meaningful to them than by inches and the like.