Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have spirit, yes we do

Spirit night at the Reeths-Puffer Rockets Varsity Basketball game proved to be a fun family night. I am always looking for inexpensive, i.e. free, things for us to do as a family. When school offered free tickets for Spirit night at the high school basketball game I jumped on the chance. The boys followed the whole game, cheering on the Rockets and were the recipients of a lesson in good sportsmanship when they insisted on booing the winning visiting team. Principal's from each Reeths-Puffer school threw shirts and balls in to the crowd at the end of each quarter. Thankfully Patrick managed to catch 3 before the end of the game which put to rest any fights over the tiny plastic basketballs. The best part of the night was when the boys school, Central Elementary, won the Spirit Award for having the most families in attendance.

We have spirit, yes we do, we have spirit, how 'bout you?!

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