Thursday, January 22, 2009

31 Random Things

I will not eat the end of a pickle though I do not always know which is the top or the bottom

I am a bread and peanut butter snob and will not buy the store-brand

I can not stand the sensation of filing my nails and will clip them short instead

I am not an affectionate person but am very appreciative of others

I will not eat lamb or veal because they are cute animals

I refuse to let any of my husband or children wear underwear right out of the package, it must be washed first

I do not like to be wrong or look stupid and will go to great lengths to avoid both

I have a daily struggle over whether I should go back to work or stay home with my babies

My bed is my absolute most favorite place in the whole world

After high school I spent 3 weeks in Mexico, drank the water and was sorry for a week after

I tried out for CMU's color guard and was asked to leave

I originally went to college for a PhD in Psychology but was scared off by the amount of years it required

I love my children so much that I fear losing them

I do not like to ask for help and feel guilty for a long time whenever I do

I still tear up when I think of my Nana despite the fact that she has been gone for 10 years, she missed my wedding by 6 months and has never known my wonderful children (I am blubbering writing this)

In my mind I replay every conversation I have with people right after the fact and look for things I could have said differently or forgot to tell them

I wish I was more hands on like other Mom's and did more with my kids and their enrichment

I really want to be in Times Square on New Years Eve to experience the ball dropping in person

I want to be the kind of person my GrandDad is

I love the smell of a baby's head

I obsess (despite my best efforts) over finding a way to move back to Holland to be near my friends and participate in community events/activities

I will not drink milk that is a day past the expiration printed on the carton, even if it smells fine

I freeze overly ripe banana's but never make time to turn them in to banana bread

When I sleep I need to have the sheets and blankets tucked in all the way around my body

I no longer watch scary movies as I did in my youth, I can't stand to be frightened and often jump at the sight/sound my own family members in my own house who are supposed to be there

I am afraid of my pits being stinky and will often "itch" my nose on my shoulder and do a covert smell test

I do not enjoy the spotlight, even when an event is for me. My wedding and baby showers were lovely but stressful

I was born on Labor Day and my Dad's long weekend from the State Police, I aim to please!

Between Kindergarten and 12th grade I attended school in 6 different districts from the middle to the west side of Michigan

I peed my pants while in the 2nd grade because I would not raise my hand to ask for a bathroom pass and was found crying in the bathroom by middle school girls, I had to borrow a rain coat from a teacher and then sit on a long bus ride home. Just a few months ago I happened to be checking out at the school office after volunteering and I noticed my son who had just had the same thing happen. Unlike my experience he did not have to wait in yucky pants and his classmates never found out. We made up a fantastic story for him to tell any one who asked where he was while he was at home showering and not only did they believe him but they wanted to know more about his adventure. Perhaps my experience was simply preparing me for this moment...

I am not where I expected to be in life when I turned 30

So there you have it, now you know more about me than before. :) Take a moment and share with others to help them see the "random" side of you.


  1. Fun Shelby! You made me think of a few other things I could have said in my list.

  2. how did you come up with making this list? What a great idea!