Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dad and Me Cut a Tree!

"Children, listen carefully," said the man in the red knit cap.  "You are here to cut a Christmas tree.  What you may not know but soon will see is that the trees are scattered far and wide.   The good ones are cleverly hidden among the bare and sickly looking ones." 

"Also, to make it even more interesting, to us anyway, there are fewer good trees than families here to cut them.  On my mark you may rush through the pine branches searching for 'the one' or you may step over to the open hatch of my Subaru for a bite of stew, a homemade brownie baked by goodness knows who and some hot chocolate.  Of course, it is completely up to you which you do first." 

"Oh, you should know that we only have 3 saws to pass among all of you, they are small so I suggest allowing your children to do the cutting..., with that said - Good Luck!"

Thank goodness my husband is the master at making things right when it comes to our kids and overcoming a poorly executed community event.  Next year we will be visiting a normal old tree lot and skip this "experience" of cutting our own.


  1. We have gone year after year to a FANTASTIC tree farm just south of Hamilton called Leber Tree Farm. They take you out on the tractor, bring you to the tree variety of your preference, take your picture on the tractor, and with the tree, throw your tree on the tractor and head back up to get it shaken, drilled and "netted" to take home. Free hot coca, and a candy today too. Our "less than 7 ft" Blue Spruce was $24.00. I only had artificial growing up and I wouldn't trade this new Snyder tradition for a fake tree again!

  2. LOL! That sounds like an interesting afternoon. I'm glad it all worked out.

  3. Oh boo to them!!! I hate when people don't plan things out, correctly.

    Glad you guys have a tree now, though.