Monday, June 10, 2013

2012 A Review in Pictures


The year started just like any other 

 and then turned super awesome when Lilly and I took a long weekend trip to Indy to visit dear friends and visited the Indy Children's Museum - it was amazing!

We celebrated very fun Valentine's Day parties at school

 The Easter Bunny was very good to the kids and left far too much sweet stuff for them

 The boys made new rockets and raced them at the Cub Scout Rocket Race

Topher's 4th Grade class took a field trip to the capital and met with a Senator

My Cub Scout group + Nathan assisted with a Food Truck in our community.  They learned amazing lessons about giving back and gained perspective on how fortunate they really are.

Halloween was... um... interesting 

 Lilly celebrated her 7th birthday and had an "owly" great time

 We may have also had a little fun at the school Christmas parties this year.... 

  The year ended very well, we even had a Rudolf sighting at the Schweri house!

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